Placement Portal

Get access to students completing courses across the country for recruitment. Our courses are created with Industry focused curriculum. Courses offered are across Banking & Finance, Technology and Media verticals.

Placement Portal

Get access to students completing courses across the country for recruitment. Our courses are created with Industry focused curriculum. Courses offered are across Banking & Finance, Technology and Media verticals.

Students Currently Available for Placements

Digital Marketing (PGDDM)

Student Availability

KOLKATA | 10 MUMBAI | 6 PUNE | 2 HYDERABAD | 2 BENGALURU | 1 NEW DELHI | 1 CHENNAI | 1 Hire from our pool of talented and enthusiastic digital marketing students with hands-on experience on latest digital marketing platforms.

Decision science (PGDDS)

Student Availability

KOLKATA | 0 MUMBAI | 0 PUNE | 0 HYDERABAD | 2 BENGALURU | 11 NEW DELHI | 1 CHENNAI | 3 Pick from the best of our Data Science students trained on an application-oriented curriculum developed in Technical Partnership with NVIDIA.

Why Hire from us?

Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Marketing

Selection & Admission
The selection process includes:
  • A written test on “Fundamentals of Digital Marketing”
  • 2 rounds of personal interviews to assess language, personality, awareness, eagerness, and clarity of purpose.
The admission criteria:
  • All graduate are eligible for this program, given they clear the selection process.
Practical First Approach
Our program focuses on 70% practical training and 30% academic knowledge to better understand and apply the theoretical concepts on real world problems.
Industry Exposure
Students work on relevant industry cases studies and learn to work on an amazing range of tools, themes, software.
Hands-On Experience : Live Campaigns
Students learn to create web pages, social campaigns and run actual ad campaigns with assigned budgets.
Assessments & Certification
Our students undergo weekly assessments for 10 weeks before they start working on the live projects. They receive certifications from Times Group, Google, Facebook, and Hubspot.
Curriculum - 240 Hours
  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
  • Website development
  • Content writing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO & SEM
  • Google analytics
  • Affiliate Marketing and AdSense
  • Online Reputation management
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Overview of Mobile Marketing
  • Dashboard and Reporting
  • Capstone Project

Post Graduate Diploma in Decision Science

Selection & Admission
The selection process:
  • A written test & Personal interview
The admission criteria:
  • Entry and Middle-level managers with minimum 2 years of work experience who seek career advancement via specialized training in Business Analytics/Data Sciences applied to their field
  • Should possess a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Science/Engineering/Mathematics/Statistics/Economics or an equivalent qualification (with Mathematics/Statistics as one of the subjects)
  • Successful clearance of Admission Test and Personal Interview
Student Capabilities
Our students are adept at:

  • Applying concepts of Big Data, Machine learning, deep learning to vertical industry solutions.
  • Providing and using datasets of batch and streaming data in an industry setting using Spark and undertake data mining to provide industry insights.

  • Using sensor data for IoT applications

  • Performing data analysis using the advanced statistical technique

  • Understanding functional aspects of Data Science

  • Recognize analytics applications in various business verticals

Customized Curriculum
Students are trained through updated technology platforms on customized curriculum to meet industry requirements.
Project exposure
Our students are trained to handle end-to-end advanced Data Science projects.
Industry Partnerships
The partnership with NVIDIA helps participants to learn the latest techniques on how to design, train and deploy Artificial Neural Networks using the state-of-the-art Deep Learning approach and are exposed to NVIDIA’s latest GPU-accelerated Deep Learning platforms. Intel is our knowledge partner in the area of IoT. The IoT has been transforming the way we live for nearly two decades, paving the way for responsive solutions, innovative products, efficient manufacturing, and ultimately, amazing new ways to do business.
Curriculum - 380 hours
  • Introduction to Decision Science
  • Data Management
  • Data Discovery
  • Data Visualization
  • Analytical Foundation
  • Introduction to Advanced Analytics
  • Data Mining
  • Machine Learning
  • Application of Business Analytics
  • Deep Learning
  • Career Orientation
  • Soft Skill Development
  • Capstone Project

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